Six Interesting Facts About Rugby For Pro Bettors

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In order to successfully place rugby bets, you must have in-depth knowledge. And it’s not enough to simply familiarize yourself with rugby rules and rugby betting markets, it’s really about having very broad knowledge. Only when you have this knowledge can you make informed betting decisions and predict sporting events. In this article you will find six interesting facts about rugby that you can also use in your betting strategy.

Rugby is particularly popular in Great Britain and Commonwealth countries

In Great Britain, the motherland of rugby, rugby is mainstream. So if you are looking for a rugby betting provider, an English betting provider would clearly be the best choice.

One of the best national rugby teams comes from New Zealand

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Do you want to know which team is currently the clear “favorite”? It is the All Blacks team from New Zealand that won the Rugby Championship in 2015. This team has a very rich tradition. The other team that is one of the strongest is Springbok from South Africa, who won the World Cup in 2019.

Two dominant styles of rugby are rugby union and rugby league

Rugby union and rugby league are two forms of rugby. The first of these dates back to 1871, when rugby split off from football. Rugby League came into existence later, only in 1895. And World Championships in Rugby League have only been held since 2008. However, rugby union is considered one of the most popular styles of rugby.

Rugby is also played in Germany

Even though rugby is not as popular in German-speaking countries as it is in Great Britain, Germany also has its own rugby team that takes part in international tournaments and world championships. In Germany, rugby is considered a very young game: the first official rugby tournament in Germany only took place in 2006. In Switzerland, rugby is played professionally as part of the Fédération Suisse de Rugby.

There are important differences between rugby and American football

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To people who are not involved in these sports, rugby and American football will seem very similar, almost the same. At first glance it is like this: In both sports you carry the ball with your hands, and the physical contact that you have seen in many American films also takes place. But on a rugby team there are 15 players, and an American football team only has eleven players. Rugby games also last longer than those in American football. And the physical contact is different: In American football you can attack other players more intensively. In rugby you can only throw the ball backwards. These differences can also be clearly seen in the clothing: In rugby, players don’t wear heavy protective helmets because they don’t need as strong protection and rugby is not as aggressive as American football.

Rugby Union World Cup and Six Nations are the biggest rugby union events

The most important international rugby competition is the Rugby World Cup, which takes place every four years. The championship has been taking place since 1987 and is organized by the rugby union world governing body World Rugby. As part of the championship, twenty national teams compete for the Webb Ellis Cup, which are initially divided into four groups. Although Six Nations is not a championship like the Rugby Union World Cup, it is considered an unofficial championship. The name of the tournament indicates that only 6 countries take part in this tournament. They are Italy, France, England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. The Six Nations tournament has taken place every year since 1883. By the way, Rugby League also has its own World Cup. Other international rugby events include the European Rugby Challenge Cup and European Rugby Champions Cup.

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