Three reasons to watch live streams when betting on sports

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Is it important to watch matches to make correct betting decisions? Many betting enthusiasts who place bets on sports on websites or in a land-based betting office often argue about this. Some people argue that there is no need to watch sports, that everything is given by the strategy, the mathematical model of betting, that watching broadcasts just strains the nerves.

Others have a completely different opinion and cannot imagine successful betting without a visual image of the games themselves. In their opinion, video broadcasts, recordings, reviews form a significant part of the information base on which successful predictions are built. Our editorial team belongs to the second category and would like to give you three reasons why.

Statistics do not provide complete information about the game

betting decision

Bettors who deny the value of watching games evaluate games based solely on statistics. The same ball possession rates, total shots, shots on goal, corners, fouls. One should be aware that statistics can be very misleading if one’s betting decisions are based solely on them. Watching football or other sports live, recorded or recapitulated gives you a much better idea of the atmosphere.

This leads to a clear conclusion: predictions based only on statistics from past meetings – this is complete nonsense. Statistics are only useful as an auxiliary factor. Competent bettors only bet on those teams whose performances are regularly followed in their entirety or at least in retrospect. If this does not happen, the percentage of successful bets will be reduced by critical percentages, resulting in a loss at a distance.

You can only correctly assess the form of the teams based on the games

Even something like the team lineups are not fully available to the bettor if they are not watching the game. Yes, there are lists of names, but without seeing what is happening on the field, the analyst does not understand what condition the players are in. We often find that some of the key players didn’t show up for the game.

It seems that the formation is optimal, but today certain players are not used, the combinations do not fit together, the shots do not work. A bettor who relies only on statistics and formal lists of combat participants expects a certain result, which does not materialize. The analyst who sees the game directly and understands that key players are out of shape, not playing as expected, has the opportunity to maneuver. He can withdraw from the game and bet live on something else.

You get to know the dynamics of the game

betting decision

If you got into betting to make money, you need to protect your investment. The most correct approach to such protection is to follow the twists and turns of a football match and respond to the situation with live bets, the so-called insurance bets. In some cases, they allow you to secure profits in advance, and in other cases they help you save at least some money in the event of a negative development of events.

Simply betting and waiting for the money while doing something else is a simple approach, but fundamentally wrong. As practice shows, an experienced bettor can correctly assess the situation in 10-15% of games thanks to live support. Such numbers often make a difference in the bottom line and make a potentially unprofitable gaming segment profitable.


It turns out that watching games is even more useful for gathering information for future games and betting than it is for live betting. There are too many factors that escape the attention of such an artificially limited analyst. Correctly interpreted observations from one game allow you to avoid multiple incorrect predictions in the future.

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