Guide for tipsters: You can use these criteria to choose a good online bookmaker

sports betting market

The sports betting market looks simply stunning. There are so many online sports betting providers, opening their doors to bettors in the virtual world that choosing a bookmaker is an extremely difficult task. In this article for the “Betting” category, we have listed the most important criteria that are crucial when choosing a sports betting provider.

Selection of sports and betting markets

The most important parameter when choosing bookmakers is the range of sports and the breadth of the offer for them. Some sites may offer the sport you are interested in, but the list of events, league representation, will be narrower than other places. If you are into the most popular sports such as football, ice hockey, basketball or tennis, you will probably find them at online bookmakers. And if you focus on the leading leagues, championships and tournaments, the bureau’s selection on this basis is also not limited. The selection of betting markets is also important. Somewhere the list consists of a few dozen bets, and other offices offer hundreds of options for the same games.

Height of betting odds

sports betting market

Anyone who has ever tried to compare bookmakers’ offices will notice that the odds there are different. Different odds can be given for the same results, bets. In some cases the differences are small, in some cases the rates are identical, but there are also significant differences. The difference in odds may be due to two main factors. The first is the different opinion of analysts from different BCs about the probability of the outcome.

However, this type of distortion is rare. This is because most offices, including those operating in the domestic market, rely on other people’s odds, which are provided by some of the largest bookmakers in the world. There may be some deviations of their own, but these are very small and localized. It is clear to see that the bookmakers communicate with each other and do not indicate particularly large distortions so as not to create a reason for forks with a large leverage. The second reason for discrepancies is the margin, the percentage that the bookmaker deducts from each odds.

Customer service

Sometimes players have general questions about the rules, payment methods, or odds. In this case, it is necessary to contact the bookmaker’s customer service. The quality of this option is also important when choosing a bookmaker. What matters most is how quickly the customer service representatives respond to users. And the more ways to contact the support team, the better.

Selection of payment methods

The availability of various payment options plays an important role when choosing a bookmaker. For example, there are people who prefer to conduct their gambling activities through various electronic currencies, corresponding wallets with virtual money. Different companies have a different range of offerings. So if you have specific requests, you should pay attention to the list of available payment methods before opening the betting account with a particular bookmaker.

Bonuses And Promotions

sports betting market

Many bookmakers try to lure players to them with various promotions. For example, they promise a certain amount of free spins on the first deposit after registration. However, you should always read under what conditions you can withdraw this “free” bonus later. As a rule, the conditions are unreasonable.

You have to win on a certain number of events with a certain odds threshold. Only if you wager the bonus several times in this way will you be able to withdraw it. Therefore, if you want to make money on bets, you should do it through good analysis and competent implementation of strategies, and not hope for “freebies”. As a rule, bonuses and promotions have no value.

Compatibility With Mobile Devices

For those who are used to going to betting shops or betting via the website from their home PC, this factor means nothing. But there are many people who prefer to follow the line and bet from mobile devices: smartphones or tablets. Many offices offer to download special applications for such devices. Of course, for interested users, those BCs that have such applications and are convenient will look more favorable. Where they do not exist or are poorly implemented, they are immediately rejected.

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